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Next Issue: Moving From Depths of Despair Towards A God That Cares

Negative emotions have plagued each one of us at some point in our lives.  Whether it has been the end of a relationship, death, financial hardship, or life’s challenges, we have all been in times of despair.  It is in those times of crying out to God that define our victory, and ultimately, our destiny.  Remember, God will never leave nor forsake us, and we will never endure more than we can bear.  So, ultimately, we can handle our situation.  The question becomes how well we will weather the storm.

For some, the storm will completely drown them.  It is not because God isn’t there or listening, but because we are trying to solve the issue on our own.  We are to ask God for guidance and wisdom- not rely on our own understanding.  However, this means completely surrendering to God, and this often is a source of difficulty for many Christians as the enemy is waging war mentally against it.

Others will lean into God and scripture.  They will cry out for guidance and revelation.  They will not be moved by what they see in the natural, but know that things are moving in the supernatural.  They know God’s promises, and are standing firm in them.

What will you do when confronted with adversity?  Maybe you are in a storm right now, and are looking for answers.  Storms are inevitable.  However, it is what you do that counts, and will lead you into victory.

Our November issue is on Victory Over Despair.  In it, we will discuss a myriad of issues ranging from healing from brokenness, loneliness, break-ups and loss, to victory in times of trial, giving thanks (even when you don’t feel like it), and casting your cares to God.  We will walk you through common scenarios and into victory for your life, and in the lives of your family.  Through the journey, not only will you be strengthened, but the lives around you will be strengthened as well.

Our November issue comes out October 26, 2016

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