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Recognizing Selfish Ambition in the Workforce and What Actions to Take

Have you ever been discouraged when you witness an unjust promotion (in your eyes)via selfish ambition?  We’ve all seen it at one point, and wondered the same thing: Why are they being promoted when they have such poor character?  We find ourselves wondering why God isn’t promoting us when we feel we display good characteristics, but still remain unacknowledged.  We simply feel as if we don’t exist, and wonder if we displayed these worldly characteristics, if we, too, would be promoted.

The Reality

You need to ask yourself if you acted this way- with selfish ambition- whether you would be proud of your actions.  People who engage in selfish ambition generally will use anyone to suit their purposes, and then when they are done, they discard them.  Worse yet, many of them turn on the person that was helping them in the first place, and may cause the person to be unjustly fired as a result because they may be deemed “a threat”.

They are two-faced, and untrustworthy.  They also never fulfill their promises, and forget you in a heartbeat.  They are aggressive, ruthless, and overly ambitious.  Employers notice them because on the surface they are charming, goal and task oriented, competitive, and driven- all characteristics of success.  However, with a heart and attitude that isn’t right, they tend to fall quickly.  At least, at some point in their careers.

The Road of the Selfish Ambitious

It’s not a road paved with gold, although on the surface it appears to be so.  Do these people ever get discovered?  The answer is yes, they do get exposed, or suffer from their poor choices earning them a much deserved demotion.  Don’t rejoice, though, as rejoicing indicates pride which isn’t godly either.

Learn how to identify people who engage in selfish ambition in your workforce, or within your organization.  These people have defining characteristics.  Discover how to deal with them, to pray over the situation, and what happens to the selfish ambitious person.

All of this and more in our next issue coming out August 26th.

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