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Differentiating Between God’s Delays and Denials

Have you ever prayed for something fervently and it has yet to manifest?  Many believers are in the same boat.  How can you distinguish as to whether you are experiencing a delay or a denial?

Two questions that you need to ask yourself is: Is what I’m believing for scriptural, and is it a want or need?  For example, I may pray to win the lottery. However, the prayer may go unanswered because a. gambling is an addiction and contrary to the Bible, and b. you might not be able to handle the money.  Also, in gambling, your eyes are off of God and you are motivated by greed (if you’re honest!)  Why would God answer this prayer?  Better would be if you worked hard, sought the Lord for guidance, and let Him promote you into prosperity.

Scripture says that God will provide for our needs.  It doesn’t really say anything about wants.  While it does say that God will give us the desires of our heart, it is often in His own timing- and when we can handle it.  The answer is not an outright “no”, but more of an “I will when you have the right heart”.

So how do you know if it’s a delay or denial in those gray areas?  Perhaps you are wondering if you are on the right path, or are being “roadblocked”.  Maybe you are praying for direction, or are confident in a direction, but are receiving resistance.  Answers to this common situation are addressed in our next issue entitled, “Faith For the Future” coming out on August 26th.

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