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Dirty Dozen List Reveals Businesses Promoting Sexual Exploitation and Porn

NCOSE hopes to bring change to workplace and society with awareness

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) has recently released its annual, “Dirty Dozen List”.  One new entry on this list is designed to stop a fairly new movement from gaining momentum in society.

The Dirty Dozen List has been published since 2013, and it calls attention to sources of pornography and sexual exploitation that need to be stopped.  Companies and organizations that appeared on this list- many repeaters- are American Library Association, Cosmopolitan magazine, YouTube and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Haley Halverson, communications director for NCOSE commented that the Department of Justice is on the list because even thought they prosecute child pornography, it is refraining from other forms of illegal pornography.

Halverston also mentions that HBO was one of the newest additions.  HBO is a premier cable television company that through its programming normalizes soft-core porn and subtly integrates it into mainstream entertainment.

Amazon was another new entry, and made the list based on pornography sales and sadomasochistic paraphernalia.  Backpage.com also appeared because they advertise prostitution.  Sexpresso Cafes also made the list because they require their baristas to wear negligees or skimpy bikinis.

Halverston says, “We want to raise awareness about [Sexpresso] because these ‘porno-fied’ working conditions often result in sexual harassment and just the normalization of objectification as well.”

The American Library Association and Cosmo have made the Dirty Dozen List list every year since 2013.  However, NCOSE says it has convicted fifteen companies to initiate major policy changes, and enforce them within the last year.


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