There is a voice inside your head that is telling you to do something… and it’s exciting!  You pause, in the midst of your enthusiasm, to ponder as to whom the voice is coming from: is it yours, God’s, or Satan’s?  How can you discern between the three?

Every believer has had this thought come to them at varous points in their journey.  It can be challenging to decipher which voice you are hearing.  Also, when we hear a voice tell us to do something, we want to make sure that it’s from God before we proceed- otherwise we are doing things either on our own strength, or to further Satan’s kingdom.

How to differentiate whose voice you are hearing isn’t difficult, as often your spirit will bear witness to what is being said. However, for those cases where confusion exists, you will need to know how to determine if you are hearing from the Lord or not.

In our next issue, we will be discussing how to tell whether you are hearing from God, Satan, or whether it’s your own voice telling you do take action.  We will also discuss what to do once you determine that you are indeed hearing from the Lord.

Learn how to discern the different thougts in your mind in our next issue coming out April 26.