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Terminal Reports Are An Opportunity to Use Our Divine Physician

Look no further than your divine physician for answers

When something appears to be wrong with our bodies, fear is quick to jump in and our imaginations go wild!  Fear can grip some of us so much that we put off doing anything about it until it’s too late.  Other times, things are caught too late due to one reason or another.  What can a believer do when the doctor’s report is not favorable?

There are three things that a believer can do:

  1. Always pray to walk in divine health and healing for yourself and your family.  This is something that every believer should do regularly.  Sickness is not from God (although sometimes we do create our own situations) but from the enemy.  We have authority over it, and can walk in perfect health.
  2. If you feel that something is wrong, you can take your authority and activate your faith over it (depending on the circumstances)(Never play with your health).
  3. You can see your doctor (if it is or could be very serious), get the doctor’s report, and pray over the situation.  Pray every step of the way, and do not accept the diagnosis over your body.  Use your authority and scripture over the situation.
  4. Read about this subject further in our next issue.

Our next issue will outline what to do when the doctor’s report is not favorable, how to take your authority, what scriptures to use, and how to activate your faith.

It says repeatedly in the Bible that God is our divine physician.  He is our healer- and He heals all areas of our lives.  God is not limited to diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc, but can also cure mental, emotional, and spiritual issues as well.

Learn more about our divine physician in our next issue coming out on August 26th and discover how to activate your faith in overcoming illness.



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