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Division in Relationships Is Symptomatic of a Greater Spiritual Issue

It is not unreasonable to expect that there will be times when couples will disagree, and even argue.  However, if you are going to fight, then fight fair.  No one should leave feeling hurt and wounded.  Furthermore, a couple who constantly fights is not in the realm of normal.  It may be due to unresolved issues resurfacing.  It can also be spiritual in nature.

Not everything can be blamed on Satan.  He gets enough credit for all the evil in the world whether it is his doing or not.  However, if you are constantly at odds with someone in your house, a spirit of division may be lurking.

This spirit’s purpose is to cause strife, and disharmony in a home.  It is sent to weaken a link between couples or to harm a parent-child relationship.  Some people report that they are irritable and can’t pinpoint why.  All they know is that they find everything their spouse does as irritating.

If you feel that this type of spirit is lurking in your home or relationship, our next issue will teach you how to take authority over it and cast it out for good!

May your homes be filled with peace and tranquility!

Our next issue comes out September 26, 2016

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