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Romantic Husbands Have Better Marriages

The question boils down to whether husbands should pursue their wives once they are married.
The problem is that many men don’t bother to find ways of being romantic once they are married. One of the claims is that men are wired to “conquer” things. Once they have conquered a task, they move on to the next conquest (as it were) which usually involves job promotions, financial prosperity, “boy’s” toys, etc.
Some men get comfortable in the “til death do us part” section of the marriage and forget the “love, honor, and cherish” end of it.
The result is, in short, an angry, unhappy wife who wants to be pursued.

But is the desire to be pursued due to those romantic novels, television shows, or movies? Maybe it’s more biblically based than you think.

So who or what should you be pursuing? Also, what is the benefit for men who do? Hint: it’s not JUST a happy wife!

Find out in our February issue.

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