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Dr. Clarke Introduces Conflict Busting Formula for Marriage in Free E-Book

Statistics quote that 50% of marriages fail and end in divorce this year.  The common blame?  Inability to resolve inevitable conflicts.

Christian psychologist and author, David E. Clark, discussed his latest e-book, “The Conflict Busting Formula” with Faith Filled Family Magazine in our February issue.

The Conflict Busting Formula is designed to help couples learn a new conflict pattern so that their marriage can grow and thrive.  Dr. Clarke comments that every couple has a conflict pattern, but in many, it just doesn’t work.  He challenges each couple to try his new method and watch your marriage strengthen.

“If you don’t learn how to resolve conflict, your marriage will slowly die. It will choke on smoldering resentments and bitterness,” Dr. Clarke says. “If you do learn how to resolve conflict, your marriage will be free to grow and thrive. It will be alive and refreshed with closeness and passion and joy and fun.”

Dr. Clarke’s free e-book can be purchased from conflictbusing.com and discusses:

  • identifying your current bad behavior
  • accepting each other’s truth
  • learning to listen to your spouse
  • using the “stop and start method”
  • making a plan of action

Dr. Clarke has over twenty-five years experience as a full-time private practice councellor.  He has authored nine books which include, “Married But Lonely”, and “What Happened to Happily Ever After?”. Dr. Clarke has appeared on several television and radio programs including Focus on the Family, The Christian Television Network, and LeSea Broadcasting Network.

Sound interesting?  Delve deeper into this topic in our February 2017 issue coming out on January 26, 2017.


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