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Last Night’s Dream: Godly Revelation, Media Induced, or Pizza Induced?

You fall into a deep sleep and have the most delightful vision of being promoted at work with a hefty raise.  Everyone is congratulating you, and you see yourself going out to celebrate with your spouse.  You feel as if you are on top of the world… Then the alarm goes off signalling that it’s time to get up!

Was it just a dream?  A wonderful, delightful fantasy that your mind concocted reflecting the deep desires of your heart?  Maybe.  However, sometimes a dream is not just a dream.

When we sleep, sometimes God will reveal things to us.  It can be an upcoming promotion designed to give us hope and a promise.  If so, then we are to cling to His promise.

Maybe you had a nighmare wherein you woke up startled and frightened.  It may be just a dream, or it can be God warning you so that you either pray, avoid making a mistake, or it’s a warning.

Yet before you become too freaked out, please note that sometimes a dream is indeed that… just a dream.  It may also be influenced by the movie/television show that you watched, fears in life, something that you are mentally working through/thinking about, or… it may be due to last night’s pizza! *lol*

Learn how, in our next issue, to ascertain whether what you dreamed is a revelation from God (if so, what does it mean?), an issue that you are mulling over, influenced by media, or simply from eating late at night.

Our next issue comes out September 26th, 2016 and is on discussing the Supernatural.

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