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Drop Box Director Goes From Non-Believer to Having a Ministry

The emotionally gripping movie, Drop Box is more than just a movie to director Brian Ivie- it was an experienced that transformed his life.

Initially, after reading the headlines about a Pastor that was taking in unwanted children from a impoverished area in South Korea, Brian decided that his team would fly there and cover the story in a documentary.  Brian was initially a non-believer, and, at the time, didn’t know how this one flight and meeting this incredible man would impact his life forever.

Drop Box was just released from Focus on the Family and chronicles the story of Pastor Lee Jong-rak who installed a drop box outside of his home providing a safe haven to babies who would have otherwise been abandoned and left to die on the streets of Seoul, South Korea.

This documentary explores the physical and emotional toll with providing refuge to save those that were deemed as unwanted by society, and is a story of hope.  It celebrates that all human life is sacred, that we were all created with a purpose and plan by God, that we are worthy of love, and that no human life is a mistake.

Read our amazing interview with Brian Ivie and hear his story in our next issue of Faith Filled Family magazine.

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