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Duck Dynasty Star Reveals Thoughts on Marrying Young

With 19 year old John Luke Robertson’s wedding to Mary Kate McEacharn just weeks away, Duck Dynasty’s Alan Robertson gives his thoughts on the family’s tradition of marrying young.

Allan commented in an interview with Christian Post that their family’s tradition of marrying at an early age has been successful because of their faith in Christ.  He also stated that even though each of them married young, it is by God’s grace that their marriages are still going strong.

Alan is the former pastor of White Ferry Road Church in West Monroe, Louisiana where the series is filmed.  When he considers the pros and cons of marrying young, he focuses on both abstinence and personal development.  He says that he doesn’t feel that there is a correct age for marriage, but whenever a couple decides to get married, their commitment to each other should be set out to be one of a permanent lifetime together.

He further stated that from a purity standpoint, marrying young is a plus, but maturity-wise, it’s more of a challenge.

The Robertsons’ have a very long line of family members who married at at early age including his parents, Phil and Kay who married at 18 and 16.  Willie and Korie (John Luke and Sadie’s parents) married at 19 and 18, Jase was 21 and Missy was 19, and Jep and Jessica were the oldest at 23 and 21 on their wedding day.

In the interview with Christian Post, Alan also dispelled rumors that 17 year old Sadie Robertson is not destined for marriage any time soon.  He says that Sadie plans on attending college after high school, and hasn’t said anything about getting married.  He also revealed that Sadie is a spiritual and intelligent girl.  He feels confident that she will be a great wife and mother one day.



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