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ZonderKids Publishes Elijah, God’s Mighty Prophet in I Can Read Series

Elijah, God’s Mighty Prophet

I Can Read Series Level 2

Publisher: Zonderkidz

Reviewed By: Michelle C. Danko

“Elijah, God’s Mighty Prophet” is a delightful edition to the I Can Read Series, and effectively engages young readers into reading more about the Bible.

This book discusses the prophet, Elijah, and his journey.  It goes through the story of King Ahab, and his determination to worship Baal.  The book takes young children on a journey that involves Elijah’s prophesy of a famine, the woman who felt that she didn’t have enough to survive until morning, and Elijah’s demonstration that God is the one true God- not Baal.

The book is loosely constructed around the story of Elijah  as outlined in 1 Kings without going into too much detail.  It is very easy for young readers to both read and comprehend.  The colorful illustrations are also very engaging for young children as well.

The only negative that I found was that the story of the woman and her son that feared that she didn’t have enough until morning could have been omitted from the story as it had no core relevance.  If the story was indeed about Elijah bringing King Ahab and the people to God, that should have been the main focus as it would have made a delightful story, and made God real to young readers.  It seemed as if the writer segwayed a bit in the story to include the woman and her son.  It didn’t really overtly tie into the story in any particular way, but seemed to be a story unto itself.

Adults would probably have a better comprehension of the tie-in over children.

Overall, it is a great way to introduce and encourage your children to read the Bible, and the stories are fascinating to young readers.  The sentence structure is easy for children to read, as is the plot.  It is also a great tool to use in engaging your children in conversations about the Bible and what it means to them, and teaching them Bible principles.

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