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Empowered21 Wraps Up With a Holy Spirit Movement Across Europe

Lives of Delegates Were Transformed and On Fire for Christ.  Prayers Went Out For Revival Across Europe.

Empowered21 has concluded its inaugural E21 Congress and Pentecost celebration today as international leaders anointed hundreds of delegates during the closing session at Ruach City Church (Gaumont State Theater).

Dr. George Wood, who is the Global Co-Chair of Empowered21 said, “Pentecost is a time when we remember that the Holy Spirit came to dwell with us.  What better time to gather together with other believers and experience the power of the Holy Spirit as we look to the future?”

According to an email that was recently released, attendees came from 46 nations, and united in voice during the week of Pentecost 2016.  Cries for the European nations to experience spiritual transformation through the presence of God permeated the atmosphere.

Dr. Billy Wilson, Co-Chair of Empowered 21 and President of Oral Roberts University commented, “The Spirit moved.  We believe this event will mark the start of a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit throughout England and Europe, and then beyond to the world.”

The London European Congress evening sessions were broadcast through TBN UK, and reached millions of homes across Europe and North Africa.  TBN UK reports that registered streaming viewers of the evening events re-broadcast from 31 countries, and contained messages from John Francis, founder and senior pastor of Ruach City Church; Nicky Gumbel, vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton Church; Peter Wenz, pastor of Gospel Forum Stuttgart; Samuel Rodriguez, president of Nat’l Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.  Messages can still be heard here.

Empowered21 next generation hosted a one-day summit bringing together 60 leaders from six continents for dialogue, impartation, encouragement, and casting the vision for future global activities and ministries.  The scholar’s consultations spent two days reviewing academic writings from seventeen theologians and discussing both scripture and theology with the focus being on grace and the Spirit empowered movement for the 21st century.  Pastors located in Europe received training for discipleship and evangelism in a seminar given by the Empowered21 Spirit-empowered Discipleship Global Task Force.

The E-Talk panel focused on discussions featuring 24 internationally accomplished pastors, entrepreneurs, speakers and leaders who addressed topics that were selected by the Empowered21 Western Europe Cabinet, and were relevant to practical ministry and living a life with the power of the Holy Spirit.

“When you have spirit-empowered Christians from over 46 nations come together in unity there is an unmistakable power and atmosphere shift,” said Bishop John Francis, Co-Chair Empowered21 Western European Cabinet and senior pastor at Ruach City Church. “We believe that, from this historic event, spirit-empowered leaders will rise up, proliferating the Holy Spirit in Europe and beyond.”

Empowered21 region for Central and Eastern Europe has also just announced the first Kyiy Congress to be held March 15-17, 2017, and Singapore will be the host for 2017 Asia Congress on May 31-June 1.

Ossie Mills, Executive Director of Empowered21 states, “Empowered21 is seeing the work of the Holy Spirt moving all over the earth.  We are proud to serve this movement as we empower this next generation of leaders.”

Further information and a list of upcoming events can be found at  www.empowered21.com

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