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If God Loves Me, Why Would I Endure Trials and Testing?

As Christians, it is unrealistic to expect that we will never go through persecution, trials and testing throughout our lives.  Some Christians are under the errant assumption that because we are God’s children, He would not allow us to endure either persecution or testing by using scripture that tells us that God loves us.  For some, it is difficult to fathom why a loving God would allow His children to be tested or persecuted.  However, they ignore scripture that says Jesus (God’s Son) was persecuted, and He warns believers that many will be persecuted by the world as well for His sake. (John 15:18-25)

Additionally, the world hated Jesus long before it hated us.  Because we bear the light of Christ, and the world is ruled by darkness, they will persecute us in an attempt to destroy the light and the destiny that is held within us.  Therefore, it stands to reason that if we are a part of a dark world that persecuted Jesus, and hated Him, that this same world will persecute us because Satan does not want unbelievers to know the truth of God’s goodness.

Scripture also notes that we will go through trials and testing of our faith.  The purpose is to refine our character, to generate perseverance, and to strengthen our faith.  Usually a time of testing is followed by a new level in Christ depending on whether the person passed or not.  Testing is not designed to “break” a Christian, as God will never place us in an impossible situation.  Victory is a given.

Our next issue discusses how to maintain your faith during times of trials and testing when you may feel like you have nothing left, and are crying out to God for answers.  It will give you hope, and uplift your Spirit to know that everything has a time and season- nothing lasts forever (except eternity!).

Our next issue comes out on October 26th, 2016

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