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Are You Temporal Or Eternally Minded When It Comes To Heaven?

When thinking about eternity, most of our mindsets are in the “here and now” making it very temporal in nature.  While there is nothing wrong with thinking temporally when dealing with eternity, you may be limiting your experience in Heaven.

When someone gives their life to Christ on their deathbed, they enjoy the benefit of eternity spent in Heaven.  However, what they experience is only a fraction of what could have been had they given their life sooner.  When each of us die, we are held accountable to God for what we have done with our lives.  Scripture discusses people being rewarded with many crowns for their deeds.  Additionally,  people miss out on “rewards” in this way.

John Bevere wrote an excellent book on being eternally minded.  In it, he discusses why everything we do should be more calculated, and our purpose should be eternity driven.  This means that all of our actions should mirror what God would want us to do as it affects our life in Heaven.  Additionally, it may affect someone else’s eternity as well since having Jesus on the inside has an effect on others.

In our September issue, Ross Thompson will discuss the difference between being temporally minded, and eternity driven.  He will also go through how to change your thinking to be more long-term when it comes to your eternity in Heaven.  The article places an emphasis on the long-term ramifications that our behaviour has not only on others, but our future as well.

We can choose to live in the moment when it comes to our eternity, however we may find ourselves missing out when we reach Heaven.  Much like that person who gave their life moments before death, being temporally minded may limit the rewards you enjoy in Heaven.

Our September issue will be released on August 28, 2017!

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