Christian scientists are enthousiastic about the recent discovery of lizards encased in amber as evidence of a recent creation described in the Bible.

In the previous month, Science Advances published their detailed analysis of amber-embedded lizards that were estimated to be about 99 million years old.  Due to the incredible preservation qualities of the amber, scientists were able to view very finite details on the lizard specimens.

The journal article explains that amber deposits are “especially useful for preserving small, delicate organisms that are seldom represented as lithified remains or, as fragmentary microvertebrate elements, are often overlooked,”

The journal further cited that this is critical due to the small body of the lizards.

There was a diversity of species preserved in the amber which included several similar findings to lizards today.

Edward Stanley, who was one of the authors of the report and according to Christian Scienced Monitor, said that located in the amber, they have things that are “clearly gecko”.

Evolutionists find the similarities between today’s lizards and the preserved lizards a tricky subject because it questions whether any evolution occured within the species over the past 99 million years.

In an article published last week, Brian Thomas of the Instituted for Creation Research wrote, “The encased organisms show no evidence for evolution between creature kinds.  Instead, the dozen lizards fall neatly into five modern lizard categories. For example, the researchers found life-like modern geckos and even identified a tiny chameleon fossil.”

Thomas noted that other modern creatures- such as scorpions, roaches, ants- have been discovered in the ancient amber, and have all indicated that no evolution has occured since they were encased.

Thomas believes that the findings are best understood from the Bible- that the amber is not millions, but thousands of yers old, and the lizards are part of creation, not due to a process of evolution.

The amber specimens reveal that only slight variations have been noted which means that lizards that lived with dinosaurs look like present day lizards, which supports the Bible’s perspective of creation.

Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell from Answers in Genesis refutes evolutionists claims citing that the current evidence does not support the theory.

Mitchell recently wrote on Answers in Genesis a very thought-provoking piece on lizards trapped in amber which debunked evolutionist’s claims.  She cited that no evidence was found for an upward evolution through a transitional form found in the amber.

Mitchell notes that all that was found was evidence of normal variations that usually occurs within created kinds of animals that God made.

Mitchell poigniantly says, “Despite their supposed great age, these lizards, according to the scientists that studied them, display modern features and still have counterparts in today’s Old World tropical forests. Why haven’t 99 million years of evolution changed lizards more? Could it be that they aren’t really so old?”

Mitchell also says that she finds the claim of the amber date of 100 million years to be suspect.  She claims that the findings should not be accepted because it is based on false assumptions which cannot be verified and are demonstratively untrue.

Furthermore, Mitchell explained, the claim that the amber dates back nearly 100 million years is suspect.

Mitchell’s conclusions?  She says that the lizard collection preserved in Myanmar does not demonstrate evolution, but does show slight variations that had occured among the kinds of lizards that God created.