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Faith Filled Family Magazine Unearths Shocking Expose

Lies, lies and more lies!  Can believing a lie affect your eternity?

At some point in our lives, we have all fallen prey to believing something that turned out to be false.  Most false information is easy to move past, and some may not be so easy, but they are fixable.  However, when false information is not fixable, it’s more difficult to move past- especially one’s that affect our eternity in Heaven.

How do you know if you are believing false information?  The best way is to consult your Bible, and in it, you will receive God’s word, and that’s exactly what we did with this issue.

In our previous issue, we discussed salvation and biblical myths regarding salvation.  We discussed what hinders people from accepting Jesus as Lord, or how sometimes we complicate things unnecessarily.  However, once we are there, we don’t want anything to separate us from God- yet false doctrine does exactly that, and when you are a new believer, sometimes you just don’t know any different.  God wants you to know the truth about Him- not a lie- because YOU matter to Him.  He doesn’t want anything to cause us to stumble, or anything to hinder us from reaching His best for us.

For our next issue, we composed a list of common misbeliefs about God and salvation.  They have no basis for scripture (blatantly) and have cause people to become separated from God as a result.  The unfortunate part is that many people don’t know it.

Could it be you?  You may be surprised at the top fourteen falsehoods that people believe that have no scriptural basis.

In “Salvation Myths Exposed” we will uncover the truth about who God is, what the Bible really says on the topic, and expose falsehoods for what they are.

Lies will be exposed on December 27, 2015

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