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The Future is Alive and Vibrant- If You Have the Faith For It

If you are Tired of Seeing the “Same Old” all Around You, Maybe It’s Time to Change What You’re Doing

Are we doomed to a life of more of just the same?  “Same old” paints a world with a bleak brush of hopelessness.  It is one littered with empty political promises, violence on every corner, civil unrest, and hatred.  Rights are continually being violated.  The streets are stained with blood of the innocent.  Corruption and bigotry from those who vowed to keep us safe.  Politicians who are out of touch making policies that violate the Word of God and who benefit no one.

It’s not the life I want to live in, nor do I want it for my children.  It says that hope cannot exist, and puts power in the hands of man.  We know that this isn’t true.  Yet what are we doing about it?

Most of us sit around and complain to anyone who will listen about the crooked politicians, horrible policies, dashed expectations, and the money that flies out of our wallets for taxes.  The cost of living is too high, and our paychecks are too low.

What are you doing about it?

What is your most powerful weapon to initiate change?  It boils down to the words we speak, and the conviction in our hearts.  All of those messages that you hear about praying for our country and over leadership are true.  The message isn’t just for the evangelical preachers to do on your behalf, but for you, too!  We are not exempt from praying over those in authority, laws, policies, and our country.  We cannot remain grumbling about what should be yet stand by idly and watch our world crumble into ruin.  Our prayer life shouldn’t be about “me and mine” but for all mankind.

So what are you going to do about it?

Will you choose to get down on your knees, cry out to the Lord and pray?  Do you have faith for the future?

In our next issue, we discuss just that: building our faith for the future.  We will discuss why it is important to pray over each nation, and corporate prayer.  Our articles will delve into the benefits of praying out loud versus silently, and praying with/without conviction.

We will also explore things on a global scale discussing whether church and state should be separated, a discussion regarding passivity on laws violating Christian beliefs, how to reverse the trend of moral decline, and changing the future.

In it, we also discuss changing your future.  We will talk about how only your excuses eliminate you from walking in your purpose.  You are not too old, too poor, or too uneducated to fulfill the call of God on your life.  If God ordained it, then the only one that can prevent it from happening is you.  God will find a way, and supernaturally.

So, let me ask you: What are you going to do about it?

Is your world gray and bleak, or do you see a world full of possibilities just waiting for your prayers?  Your choices are doing nothing, and you will gain nothing.  Or you can live a life victorious in Christ.

What life do you want for your children?  Your family?  Yourself?

If you want a better future, then we will show you how in our next issue coming out on August 26th, 2016.

What are you going to do?

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