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Next Issue Focuses on the Father’s Heart Relating to Parenting

All parents strive to do better and to give their children more than the previous generation.  We want to improve upon, or in some cases, do things differently than our parents did, and that can be for many different reasons.  Parent’s joke about how children don’t come with an instruction manual, however, that is false as we don’t have to look any further than what God says regarding parenting, mentoring, and discipleship.

Our next issue focuses on the Father’s Heart.  It touches on questions such as who is God, and what are the attributes of God as our Father?  The next issue will also discuss various issues in how we parent our children ranging from how to teach children honor as they mature, role reversals as children grow up and dealing with aging parents, bridging the gap as a single parent, overcoming a critical environment, and advice for new parents in raising godly families.

From the Father’s Heart doesn’t just explore the parenting side of it and how to raise our children in different family dynamics, but also discusses mentoring and spiritual fathers/mothers.  It discusses the role of a spiritual mentor in a person’s life and what wisdom a spiritual mentor can provide to a believer.

This issue combines attributes as outlined in the Bible about our heavenly Father, and show readers how to apply these same characteristics into our own families so that we may grow up strong in the Word, victorious in life, and united as a family in God.

Our next issue will be released May 26.

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