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Spark in Us a Fire That Burns Brightly Across the Nations

Heavenly Father, may we no longer be passive about our faith.  Give us boldness in declaring  your Word to the nations.  Ignite a fire in our hearts that burns passionately for you and your Word.  Let each one of us be a bold flame for you every day, on fire for you.  Place in each person’s heart a spark- a flame that will burn brightly- for you.  May they be passionate about the Word, and on fire for you.

Spark in us a desire to bring the truth to places that are in darkness.  Open their ears and eyes so that they may too be filled with the light and walk in it.  In turn, may a fire burn brightly within them as well.  Let this fire burn brightly across every nation, and in every person so that we may bring glory to you.

Help us to push back the darkness that consumes the world and draw people closer to you.  May those who are far from you return.  May those who don’t know you turn to you and have their lives transformed so that they, too, may walk in your victory.

May people turn from evil and into the light.  May revival burn brightly across every nation and across the globe.  Let the gospel be proclaimed boldly and without fear.  Protect your sons and daughters as we go into the world.  Protect those in areas that persecute Christians.

We bind all attempts of the enemy to destroy or prevent your Word for this nation- this world- from going forward.  We cast down all attempts of Satan to destroy what is godly, and what is good about our nations.  May our nations stand for you.  May our leaders proudly proclaim the name of Jesus.  May each of us stand for nothing less than your truth, and may our actions honor you at all times.

Help us to make a difference for you in our daily lives.  Bring souls to each one of us that need to hear the gospel.  Help us to impact lives so that they will live in victory and spend an eternity with you.  Help us to push back the darkness, and make this world on fire for you once again.

Rise up and awaken, Jesus army, and occupy the land for Him.

In Jesus Name, Amen

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