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Godly Friends Are a Prayer Away: Breaking Out of Lonliness

God created us as social beings.  Simply put, God designed us to have relationships- first in fellowship with Him, and secondly to have friendships with others.

Why Are Relationships So Important?

Social isolation is never a good thing.  We need godly friends in our lives to encourage us, strengthen us, and uplift us.  The purpose of good friends are to have a positive influence over us.  They are the people that make us feel good about ourselves, and encourage us.

Godly friends pray over us.  They are there in the wee hours of the morning making sure we feel better when we need it.  They are there in times of laughter and joy.  They accept us, and love us.

This is why relationships are so important.  Without them, we are lonely and isolated craving human interaction.  God can encourage us with scripture, but friends offer companionship.  They are there when we don’t know what to do, and if they are a good friend, they will honestly tell you when you are off-track.

That is what a good friend is all about.

Our next issue talks about lonliness and isolation.  It will teach you how to overcome negative self-talk that sometimes accompanies being alone such as, “No one likes me because of….”, “I’m unlovable”, or thoughts of there is something wrong with the individual.

The truth is that you are worthy of friendship, and you are worthy of love.  God did not create people with “defects” in any way.  According to scripture, you were wonderfully and perfectly made.

Realize who you are, and gain confidence in our next issue.  Know that you are worthy, and that good, godly friends are just a prayer away.  God thinks that you are precious, and others will too!

For answers to this topic and more, read our next issue coming out October 26th.

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