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Gaming Virtual Reality Systems Can Hold Promise Yet May Also Hurt Families

Advances in video game technology are creating a more realistic experience for the user every year, and every year “gamers” are more in awe of the expansions of the border between fantasy and reality.  Parents should be reminded, however, that with the amazing advantages in technology, there are the risk for potential dangers which lurk just below the surface.

Advertisements loudly proclaim that people don’t just play games any more.  Virtual reality games are now meant to be experienced.  The Omni will soon be released which offers the technology to allow the user to move without restriction allowing the user to feel more immersed in the game while keeping the user off the couch and engaged in more physical forms of exercise.

While parents may be excited about this move from the couch to activity for their children, there is a dark side to this.  Even though this new technology is still very expensive, children are going to inevitably ask for a system that puts them directly into their favorite game.  The danger in this advance in technology is two-fold, and parents may not know it.

One danger is that games are becoming more violent, and many of them turn police evasion into a fun activity.  The majority of parents want their children to be law abiding citizens, but with a virtual reality system, children may experience a serious adrenaline rush playing these sorts of games.  There is a higher chance that they may seek to replicate this “rush” in the real world with the thought that if they can do it on their favorite game, they could do it in reality.  The borders between fantasy and reality can become very blurred in children that are highly suggestible, and we may see a rise in behavioral issues.

Secondly, pornographers have gotten hold of this latest technology, and people should be very concerned.

This technology takes pornography into a real world situation wherein the user can do almost anything.  This almost virtually eliminates the need for a spouse for any type of gratification.  Since pornography is highly addictive, the person engaged in it seeks higher and higher thrills as they become bored of the same sexual routine.  This system would allow those addicted to porn to engage in any type of behavior from soft to hard porn to child pornography to virtually anything you can imagine in a very realistic way.  However, the behavior may not stop there as many may try to re-enact what they saw on the screen.

Daniel Weiss, founder and president of The Brushfires Foundation, warns even these realistic cheap thrills won’t last long.

 “I think there’s a danger that this is going to lead people to continue to seek thrills – and they may transgress social norms and laws we have that are out there to protect people,”

And soon enough, says Weiss, even virtual reality won’t give some people the high they’re looking for.

Our Prayer:

Heavenly Father, we pray that advances in technology are used for their original intended purpose- for the good of those who use it.  We pray for freedom for those who are in bondage to sexual sin, or who have a high propensity to re-enact what they see visually.  We pray that for these people, they have a very real encounter with you, and that the bondage of addiction are broken in Jesus’ name.  We pray that people turn from dangerous addictive behavior and begin to see the beauty in walking in the victory that you have designed for them.  Let them see it as a freedom and not a restriction for there is beauty in what You have designed.

In Jesus’ Name,



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