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Global Revival Picks Up Momentum As Salvation Markedly Increases

Salvation numbers continually increase each week at the Burlington Revival in North Carolina.

D.R. Harrison, the revival marketing director, informed CBN News that 500 people have received salvation in the past eight weeks.

Another spokesperson commented that many older people (50+) are giving their hearts to Jesus.

Harrison accepted Christ under the ministry of C.T. Townsend, the evangelist at the revival.  He said people are traveling to Burlington from around the country including: Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina Kentucky, and along the East Coast.

People are also planning on continually attending the revival.

Harrison remarked, “We’re receiving messages from Oklahoma, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York — people that are booking plane tickets and making plans to attend the revival next week.”

“All I can say is it’s just God. God is doing something in this day, in this hour that no man can take credit for, and no man can possibly fathom what God is doing in this day,” he continued. “And it’s a real move of revival that God is sending to us in the last days right before Jesus comes.”

Harrison notes an increase in people watching online services including social media.  In an interview with CBN News, Harrison remarked that the revival is spreading both nationally and globally.  People are watching from Africa, Hong Kong, Canada, and Mexico.  He said that people are watching nightly through their Facebook feed, feeling God’s presence, and requesting God send revival to their nation.

“We want to make sure we stay out of the way and just let God do exactly what He wants to do,” he said.


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