Actress Melissa Joan Hart (God’s Not Dead 2) recently said in an interview with Christianity Today that the name of Jesus should not make people feel uncomfortable.
In an interview with Metro, Hart reports that she has taken religion seriously over the past few years by taking Bible study and praying.  She finds that if you mention the name of Jesus, many people become very uncomfortable instead of feeling God’s love and peace emanating through.  She feels that it is very unfortunate.
“The idea with the movie is that Jesus shouldn’t be an uncomfortable name to say… Whether or not you believe he is the Messiah, Jesus started a huge movement that changed our world. Why is it not OK to talk about that?” she continued.

The movie, God’s Not Dead 2, is about a high school history teacher (played by Hart) who comes under criticism for answering a question about Jesus in class.  The teacher must then stand up for her faith during a heated court battle.

Hart reveals that her character wasn’t raised by any faith, so she envelopes her own beliefs and grows her own faith.  Then she must stand by her faith with unwaivering conviction.

She said that God’s Not Dead 2 has a message of tolerance for all faiths.  She maintains that Christianity shouldn’t be elevated above any other religion in public schools, yet conversely, neither should Christians be specifically targeted.
Producer, David A.R. White, revealed to The Blaze that the movie itself has undergone criticism for what has been perceived as “fake” Christian persecution.  “It’s an interesting thing, because, if it wasn’t real, why do they get so offended by it? I don’t think it would annoy people if it wasn’t true.”