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Are You Aware Of All Of God’s Promises? Don’t Forfeit Your Victory!

Most Christians know that they are blessed and highly favoured, yet have we taken time out to discover what that truly means according to scripture?

There is an assumption that when the Bible says that we are blessed, it is referring to financial blessings.  Financial blessings are only one way that God blesses us, and many believers are missing out on a bigger picture that can lead them into a fuller life.


The truth is that God blesses us in many ways- not all of them financial.  Additionally, God blesses His children in many ways including favour (always finding “deals”), can bless you through other people both physically (giving you things), verbally (telling you what God has revealed to them about your life), and with spiritual guidance.

Our September issue will discuss topics such as:

  • God’s Promises Are Yes and Amen: This article will discuss holding fast to what God has promised, what to do if fear/doubt creeps in, and a discussion on why a promise may not have manifested yet.
  •  Why Children Should Listen to Their Parents (At Any Age!):  Learn more about this Biblical principle to having a long life, and why this concept has such a deep meaning to our lives.
  • Help!  I’m Being Attacked By The Enemy!: God’s promise to His children is that we are more than conquerors, and that we don’t have to live a defeated life fearful of the enemy.  This article discusses conquering and defeating Satan’s stronghold over a believers life, and how to walk victoriously in the face of adversity.
  • Fear, Stress, and Worry!  Oh my!  What Do I Do?: God promises us strength.  Scripture says that God is our fortress, our shield, and our help in time of need.  This is a promise: that He will give you strength during a storm.  Learn how to conquer negativity and let joy reign in your life!

These are just a few of the topics discussed in our September issue.  There are many more “nuggets” of inspiration so that you, dear reader, can live a life full of victory!

Our September issue comes out August 28, 2017!

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