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Seeing A Certain Image May Not Mean That You Are “Going Crazy”

You May be Experiencing the Supernatural- Something Often Not Discussed in Church

Sensing the presence of evil is common. We may think we see an image in our peripheral vision.  Many of us see or sense a demonic presence/image.  We have an uncanny knack for knowing when something is amiss in our environment. Yet how many of us see angels?

How Do You Know It’s An Angel?

Good question, how do you know it’s an angel that you are speaking to?  When something appears to us that defies what we know as “normal”, fear or uncertainty usually grips us.  Those of us that are unaware or who haven’t been taught that the supernatural does exist, really have a hard time with this.

Mainstream religion teaches mostly about Jesus and having a relationship with Him.  The focus is being a good person.  Many do not teach that there is a supernatural realm as well- and it’s normal.  Most of the time, if someone says they hear voices talking to them, society tells them they are ill.  Yet in God’s world, He can and does talk to you, “in a still, quiet voice”.

Demons talk, too.  Remember, Satan can counterfeit God’s creation.  Yet it does stand to reason that if we can see images of demons, why can’t we see the presence of angels?  Which does pose the question once again, how can you tell the difference?

What Now?

You read our October issue of Faith Filled Family!  We will discuss the ministry of angels, and how to discern whether what is presenting itself is of God.  We will also touch on praying to angels (different from praying to patron saints) and whether this is a good idea or not.  Is it dangerous, and are you being mislead giving an angel glory?

Our next issue comes out September 26th, 2016.

You Deserve to Know the Truth!

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