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Trials Are No Match For The Power of God’s Word

Our August issue has just been released, and it’s powerful!  The topic for this issue is Victory Over Difficult Times.  We want our readers to know that if  you are in a dark season, it is only a moment in time, and that there is victory just up ahead.  Challenges in life come.  Many things we may be confronted with may seem unfair, or leave us with questions.  However, they should not take us away from a God who loves us- and He does- whether we understand the “why” or not.  God is our comforter, no matter what.  He hasn’t left you, but is by your side.

In this issue, we tackle many challenging “whys”.  Some of the topics we address:

  • Why did my spouse/child/etc die prematurely?  Why did God take them so early?
  • Why wasn’t my loved one protected from an accident?  I prayed protection over them.
  • Why did my child turn from God when I raised them in the Word?  Will they return?
  • Why did my spouse leave me?  If God loves marriage, why did they leave? What do I do?  Is there a chance for reconciliation?
  • Why is my child rebellious?  Why have they gone the way of the world?  Will they come back?
  • Why is my spouse struggling with addictions?  Can’t they see how it’s tearing our family apart?  How can we get through to them? (This topic is from both the family side and addict testimony)

We also deal with strength for the single parent, peace in times of stress (Did Jesus experience stress?), dealing with feelings of defeat, and praying through to victory.

Interviews include red carpet coverage of the K-LOVE Fan Awards, author Trish Donohue on her new novel, “Between Us Girls”, and our Music Spotlight with singer MARi Burelle.

May you be blessed by this issue, and move forward onto victory.  Please feel free to share with someone you know needs encouragement today.  You never know whose life  you may impact.

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