Many Have Experienced Miracles

A Texas prayer garden with a large statue of a cross has reportedly been instrumental is drawing people to Christ. has reported that the “Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden” located in Kerrville, Texas, was developed by Max Geiner who was also the sculptor of statues for the garden.

Greiner states that the garden was built with the intent that people can connect with God without “having to go through a bunch of religion”.  Greiner also commented that God first gave him the vision for the garden in 2002.

The massive cross is the main sculpture, and is made of CorTen steel and is 77 feet tall.  It weighs about 70 tons.

The garden also contains sculptures of Jesus, Bible verses in multiple languages, and other religious art.  Chaplains are also available and visitors can write prayer requests on stones and place them near the cross.

Thousands of people from over 30 countries have visited the garden and had an encounter.

Greiner feels the garden is in a special location. “This garden is at the same latitude as Israel,” he says. “So God sovereignly put it in this place, this bible belt of Texas. The plants, everything, the hills, the limestone rocks, it all looks like Israel.”

He also feels that God uses the garden to directly speak into peoples’ heart.

“Addictions are being broken off, alcoholics are coming, drug addicts are coming. Again 19 people were suicidal that we know of, and came up and God set them free from the spirit of suicide. And they gave their life to Christ,” he shares.

Greiner invites everyone to come visit the garden, which is free and open to all.

“All you have to do is come and you’ll find Jesus there,” he says. “You’ll find the Holy Spirit there, and the Father’s there. And it’s for everybody, whether you’re a believer or whether you’re from other religions or no religion, or just wondering. We just invite you to come.”