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Gretchen Keskeys Discusses New Album, “Pure Hope”

Singer-songwriter, Gretchen Keskeys has returned with her sophomore release, “Pure Hope”, which was released May 26, 2017.

Christian fans really embraced Keskeys who spent the last year performing at events and women’s conferences nationally.  Keskeys openly shared her songs along with an amazing testimony of being delivered from anxiety and depression.

On the surface, Keskeys seemed like the least likely individual that would suffer from crippling anxiety and depression.  Her parents authored, “I’m OK- You’re OK”, and her father was coined as “the father of pop psychology” by LIFE Magazine.  However, it was Gretchen’s faith that was her ultimate answer to fear that paralyzed her, and insecurity.

Keskey’s own personal struggles have enabled her to connect with a variety of individuals as she has a unique ability to resonate with people facing unlimited circumstances.  Gretchen does credit some of her previous experiences in media as providing her with the necessary tools to effectively communicate to a variety of individuals.  Gretchen has worked as a page at NBC, landed roles on a primetime special, done several soap operas, and wrote for the nightly news.


“I think my favorite thing about writing the news was the ‘kickers,’ which is the last story of the newscast and one where you often get to have fun with plays on words,” she recalls. “I loved using my creativity writing those stories and I find songwriting has similarities searching for just the right word in the right spot to create the best story! In between acting and being an artist, I mostly missed expressing myself, but now in my music and worship leading, I have found that again and it brings me such joy to share my deepest heart for who Christ is, what He has done, what He is doing and what He promises to do. I am truly fulfilled.”

Gretchen sat down with Faith Filled Family’s Vernita Simmons and shared her vast array of experiences.  She also discusses her album, and what the future will hold for this star.

Our next issue comes out November 26, 2017 on our website, across social media, and in our FREE subscription.

For more information, visit the official website at www.gretchenkeskeys.com.

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