Actress Hallie Todd (“Top Ten TV Moms”, CNN Entertainment) has been cast in The Last Champion, a coming-of-age, inspirational family sports drama. This In House Media Film Partners film will be directed by her husband, Glenn Withrow. Withrow and Todd co-wrote the screenplay along with their daughter, Ivy Withrow, who also serves as VP of Development for the company.

In House Media Film Partners was born when Todd and Withrow were inspired to create a family production company after Withrow’s experiences working with Francis Coppola on five films, starting with The Outsiders. “The times I had on set with Francis were like master classes in directing with one of America’s finest filmmakers,” says Withrow. Inspired by how Coppola involved his family on his film projects, Withrow now collaborates with his wife and daughter. This is the family’s second feature film working together as a creative producing team.

“Balancing our personal and our professional relationships with each other is definitely tricky at times, but I can’t imagine not sharing this work with them. We’ve loved and shared all different genres of movies, but we have always been especially moved by films with great underdog characters,” says Todd. “As a team of filmmakers, we wanted to write something that other families could watch and enjoy together, the type of family-night movie that has become harder to find in recent years.”

Todd is best known for her role as Lizzie’s mom, Jo McGuire, on Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire and The Lizzie McGuire Movie. This summer, she can be seen starring in Universal’s American Girl: Lea to the Rescue.

Last Champion is currently in pre-production. The film is scheduled to start shooting in November in Washington State.
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