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Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is Defeated

Yet the drama continues in California.

Houston voters defeated the City’s proposed bathroom ordinance that would permit people who are transgendered to use the bathroom of their preference.  It almost didn’t happen, though, as the voters were almost denied the right to vote on Proposition 1.

Houston elites made an attempt to push through the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) without allowing citizens to vote.  However, residents had a different plan of action and went to court to have this issue placed on the ballot.  At present, the threat of men having access to the women’s bathroom, lockers, and showers has been defeated.

Now, some individuals in California believe that citizens should have the same opportunity to express their support for sex separate bathrooms and voice their objections regarding privacy and safety.

“This is not a hard issue for most of us,” Karen England of Privacy For All states in Christian Newswire.  “We do not want the unwanted exposure that is a guaranteed component of mixed use bathrooms.  Little girls do not want to be viewed by or forced to view physically opposite individuals.”

Presently in California, referendum backers are currently in court to put the issue before the voters.

However, people are taking it a step further…

There is also now an effort to gather signatures to place the Personal Privacy Protection Act on the 2016 ballot.  This initiative will assure that public restrooms are separated based on sex as opposed to integrated based on professed identity.

Privacy for All requires 355,000 valid signatures of California voters to place the Personal Privacy Protection Act on the November 2016 ballot.  England claims that Houston elites were fearful to let voters vote, and believes that California elites should be afraid for that same reason.

For more information, visit www.PrivacyforAll.com.

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