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Word From God Or Just Your Imagination?

Have you ever woken up from a dream so vivid that it seemed like you were living it?  Ever wondered if it was God revealing your future to you?  What about the “just knowing” feeling that occurs when you just meet someone and suddenly know what they are struggling with?  Or, what about when you meet someone and suddenly receive something in your Spirit about them?  What do you do?  Many believers have asked these same questions, and don’t know what to do when these situations arise.

The bigger question, however, is that of whether they have heard from God or not.  No one wants to release a word over someone’s life only to not see it manifest.  It’s embarrassing, and confusing for the believer.  So the first question we have is: How do we know if this is God?

The second question, once we’ve answered the first is: What do we do with this information?  Releasing it to the individual creates many vivid scenarios.  Will it be received well?  Will they receive it at all?  Will they become angry?  What will they say?  Could I be wrong?  If we don’t release it, we wonder whether we should- Does God want us to?  When should it be released?  Should it ever be released?

In our December issue, Lisa Sterling goes over how to know whether you have received a prophetic word from God, and what scripture means when it says to “test all spirits”.  She will also go over the importance of testing the spirits before information is released.

As for releasing the information, this needs to be taken to God before you act.  Pray and ask God whether He wants you to release it (then there will be grace to release it), to pray over it, release it later (then ask God to reveal to you the timing), or whether it is a warning.  God will then direct your steps.

Our December issue will be released on November 27, 2017 through our website, social media, and via our FREE subscription.


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