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Huckabee Makes Founding Fathers Proud

Presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee, continues to faithfully stand up for the biblical definition of marriage as God had originally designed.  At the National Religious Liberties Conference held in Iowa last week, when Huckabee was asked how he would overturn the Supreme Court Obergefell opinion, he responded, “on the same sex marriage decision I would simply say it is not law.”

Huckabee believes that a President is to uphold the Constitution, which does not mention redefining marriage.  When the original Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, homosexuality was outlawed because it was forbidden in the Bible.  The United States was founded on strong biblical beliefs, and that was reflected in the Constitution.

For those that question the beliefs of the Founding Fathers, public record strongly outlines a different reality.  Among the 55 Founding Fathers, church membership outlines that there were 28 Episcopalians, 8 Presbyterians, 7 Congregationalists, 2 Lutherans, 2 Dutch Reformed, 2 Methodists, 2 Roman Catholics, 1 unknown, and only 3 deists–Williamson, Wilson, and Franklin.  At this time, church membership consisted of a sworn public confession of biblical faith. [John Eidsmoe, Christianity and the Constitution, (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1987), p. 43.The evidence seems to support the existence of a strong biblical influence.

Huckabee wishes to uphold the original beliefs of the U.S. Constitution.

“The courts can’t make law. If the President surrenders the entire executive branch power to the judicial, he’s surrendered to the doctrine of judicial supremacy, which leads us to what Jefferson, Madison, Jackson, and Lincoln all call judicial tyranny,” Huckabee emphatically stated.

Clarifying his stance on same-sex marriage, Huckabee commented,”It is not law because the people’s elected representatives have not made it law and there is nothing in the Constitution that gives the Supreme Court the power to make a law. They are the Supreme Court. They are not the supreme branch or the Supreme Being. They can’t make law.”

Huckabee is known as a Washington outsider whose desire is to fix the problems in government.  As the former Governor of Arkansas, he balanced the budget every year for ten years and had 94 tax cuts.

Based on scriptural qualifications, He received an “A” grade on the American Christian Voting Guide.

“Simple ninth grade civics… reminds us that there are three branches of government that are equal… There are separation of powers and there are checks and balances,” Huckabee stated.  “When people say what can we do? Let’s introduce a Constitutional amendment. No, let’s just… exercise the power that is already within the Constitutional authority… The president [should] simply say, ‘Thank you for your opinion but we shall ignore it because there’s nothing in the Constitution that affirms that and we are not going to impose upon all 50 states something that the federal government has no control over-which is the definition of marriage,”

Our Two Cents:

Would our Founding Fathers and God be happy with the choices that we have made in our laws?  Does it reflect the beliefs that the nation was founded upon, and which made it great?  Does it please God?

You can justify the changes by saying that God would be happy that people are not being discriminated against, but that’s really not what tolerance is all about.  True tolerance is not persecuting people because you don’t agree with what they believe or what they practice.  It respects their rights as an individual and says, “I don’t agree with you, but I love you as a person”.  That’s biblical.  However, redefining the definition of marriage… that’s not.

Tolerance, in today’s world, simply is “accept me, and accept the sin”- whether you agree with it or not.  You do not have the right to say that you peaceably disagree.  Where is the equality in that?  Where was that written in the Constitution?

If you do not like what you see in government, the it is up to you to make the change by prayer, and your vote.  The people have the power.

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