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Your Cries Have Not Been Forgotten- Healing for Hurt

Heavenly Father, our voices lift up to you concerning love.  Teach us how to love one another with the love of Christ.  May our words be gentle and void of any malice.  May we not be quick to anger, but strong in patience.  We are all your children.  Show us how you would have us love and treat one another.  Teach us how to be shining examples of your love.  Correct us from your Word daily so that we may draw closer to you, and be refined by your Word.

For those of us that are broken and hurt, Lord, fill us with your love.  Let us know that you are near to us, that you will never leave or forsake us.  Heal those who are experiencing hurt- whose wounds run deep.  Hear all those who are crying out to you, Lord and heal their pain.  Give them peace and strength to face the day.  Wrap your arms around them and comfort them during this time.

There is someone out there (a woman) who is in a great deal of pain- I am seeing someone almost in a fetal position- their entire being crying out in anguish.  There is a deep, emotional wound that you are experiencing, or something that has happened that is causing you grief.  In the midst of our pain you are crying out to the Lord for comfort- but a part of you doesn’t feel like He is listening.

Please know that the Lord is with you at this time, and He is holding you in His arms.  Feel His love wash over you drying every tear.  He hears your cries for comfort- but do not let your distress turn to anger.  He did not cause the pain you are in, nor was He involved in any of the circumstances.  He did not turn from you.

I am getting that there is a death involved- maybe an accident- that is causing anguish.  God didn’t cause it, and He did hear your prayers.  You prayed protection over them, and that prayer was heard, but some evil was lurking.  The person that committed the act will be held accountable and justice will prevail over the situation.  This person an unintended target- they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Please know that God isn’t to blame.  He is there trying to provide comfort to you during this time.  He is not silent on this matter, and please believe that while in the natural things do not appear to be moving, they are supernaturally.

I pray peace over you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  May the Lord give you peace that surpasses all understanding.  May He heal all of your wounds, and help you to forgive the offender.  Please release all hurt inside your heart- you are only holding yourself in bondage to the pain.  Trust that the Lord will take care of this, and let His love heal you.

We pray for all of those empty souls searching for love yet coming up empty.  Put people in their paths to teach them the love of Christ and to share the gospel with them.  Soften their hearts so that they may turn to you and be filled with your love.  Teach them that the love that they search for can only be found in you, and that love will fulfill and sustain them.

May each person who reads this post today, be filled with the love of Christ, and the knowledge of your love.  May people who need to read this inexplicably come to this website, and may their lives be transformed.  May their souls long for you.

For those that need to know who they are in Christ, may their souls be refreshed by your Word, and their minds renewed.  Heal the hearts of those who have been hurt by negative words spoken over their lives.  Release them from the bondage of those words, in Jesus name.  May they no longer bind them, but set them free.  Show them the beauty that lies within them, Lord.

In Jesus Name, Amen

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