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Mikeschair Lead Singer and Hit Songwriting Wife Create Grayson|Reed

The duo of Grayson|Reed proves that you never know the heights of where God will take you as a married couple.

Mike Grayson was the lead singer and former founding member of a pop/rock band called, Mikeschair.  Mikeschair recorded three albums, received twelve Done Award nominations, and had three singles hit the Top 5 slots on the charts.  After Mikeschair, Mike moved on to be one-half of City Harbor.  After the group disbanded, Grayson spent several years as a renowned songwriter for artists such as Amy Grant, Francesca Battistelli, Colton Dixon, Point of Grace, Ginny Owens and Danny Gokey.

Molly Reed Grayson, is additionally a well-known hit songwriter, and the other half of City Harbor.

Together, the couple formed Grayson|Reed.

Mike and Molly met at Belmont University and began dating in 2012.  A year later, they married, and two years later had their daughter, Grailey.

Initially, they wanted to keep their careers separate after hearing many “horror stories” of couples working together.  However, they soon discovered that this was not feasible for their family over the long haul.  The couple took a “someday” approach to working together, but someday appeared to be off in the distance- or so they thought.

On their website, Grayson comments, “God had to move a lot of mountains. A lot of doors had to open and close for it to even be an option, and all of that happened and more which just made it so clear to us that for this season in our life, it’s where we’re supposed to be.”

“We’ve both felt strongly that this was continuing to be our calling,” Molly echoes. “A lot of people were like, ‘Oh, after you have a baby, you’ll probably want to just stay home.’ And I thought maybe that was what I would want to do, but God just made it clear, like, ‘Now, I want you to continue to write and sing and do it with Mike.’ It’s our dream scenario.”

The couple then chose to test the waters to see if they could write together as a team before coming together as a group.  Previously, Grayson and Reed had never even written a song together.

Grayson|Reed hit noteriety after a comment was made concerning a lack of authenticity in music.  Their song, “Fight For You”, quickly gained attention as it beautifully discussed the ins and outs of marriage.

Grayson|Reed released their first album, Walk, on September 30, 2016.

Faith Filled Family was privileged to interview this husband-wife team, wherein the couple shares their heart on music, songwriting, and family.  In fact, the most moving quote in the interview was this:

“We are LOVING being in a duo together. It has been a game changer (and life changer) for us both. Nothing beats being on stage together and being able to share our life with people. The fact that we don’t have to have any more late night FaceTime calls, while being miles away from one another, is awesome.”

Our next issue comes out January 26, 2017.  Grayson|Reed appears in our Music Spotlight section.


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