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I AM HOPE Movement Disciples Youth to Boldly Share Their Faith

Movement launches in conjunction with I’m Not Ashamed Movie

Phoenix: Pure Flix Alliance and thousands of other ministries nation-wide are joining together through the I AM HOPE movement.
The I AM HOPE movement launches in conjunction with the release of the true story, “I’m Not Ashamed”.  The movement was inspired by Rachel Joy Scott whose life was lost in the 1999 Columbine High School massacre.
I AM HOPE encompasses all areas of ministry that Rachel was passionate about during her 17 years on the earth.  It includes a four-week discipleship program which will empower youth to share their faith.  The campaign is designed for churches to kick-off at “See You At the Pole” on September 28, and ends with services opportunities in communities nationwide after the release on “I’m Not Ashamed”.
The movement runs between September 26-October 30.  It encompasses four weeks discipleship, one week of outreach, and one week of volunteering.  The sessions on discipleship focuses on equipping students with a basic Gospel outline, overcoming hesitation when sharing the Word, preparing students to share their testimony, and engaging students in their school with the Gospel.
Franklin Santagate, Vice President of global strategic alliances for Pure Flix Entertainment says, “We are praying that with God’s help we can create a national movement of youth across the country who will stand up and declare ‘I’m not ashamed of my faith’ just as Rachel Joy Scott bravely did in 1999.”
“Our hope is to encourage a generation to be voices for Christ in their schools and communities. Rachel’s life story and her desire to boldly proclaim Jesus’ name, as told in ‘I’m Not Ashamed,’ should be an example and inspiration to us all.” he continued.

Additionally, the I AM HOPE app will be launched during the “See You At The Pole” event.  It will include the I AM HOPE curriculum along with music videos from Abigail Duhon, and Jeremy Camp singing their interpretations of “I’m Not Ashamed”.

 At the fifth week of the program, youth ministers are encouraged to purchase movie tickets for themselves, and two for outreach for those who do not know Jesus.
During the fifth week of the program, youth ministry members are encouraged to purchase a movie ticket for themselves and two for outreach to a family, friend, student or neighbor who does not know the Lord.
For more information about I AM HOPE, please visit this link
For further information on the movie, please click on the following link

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