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International Forum on Peace Seeks Greater Global Cooperation

Organization Feels It’s Necessary in Combating Violence

STOCKHOLM- Leaders of an international forum on peace said that terrorism threats and massive migrations will increase in all nations in the absence of greater global cooperation in dealing with the root causes of poverty and conflict.

The Swedish co-chair of the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (IDPS) commented that conflict and extreme forms of violence in conjunction with large groups of individuals seeking refuge has changed the global landscape.

Isabella Lovin who is the Minister for International Development Cooperation, called all nations to increase and scale up all efforts to tackle the causes of conflict, and attain global goals that wer agreed on last year in ending poverty and inequality by 2030.

Lovin quoted that recent studies show the number of global conflicts has stabalized over the last decade, but are rising.  2014 was recorded as the most lethal year since the end of the cold war.  The cause?  Poverty and climate change have forced sixty million people to migrate which is the highest level since WW2.

Lovin desires a “coalition of the willing” to commit to helping fragile and conflict riden states.  She feels that failure to deal with these root causes would increase volitility and the risk of violence.

The IDPS meeting is the first international peace forum since the UN’s 193 member states agreed to a proposed 17 global goals in ending poverty and establishing peace by 2030.

Lovin is leading a renewed comittment by the organization to a New Deal which was agreed on in 2011 that outlined five core peace and statebuilding goals which are: legitimate politics, security, justice, economic foundations, revenues and services with a locally driven and led processes.

“I hope this gives a new injection into the thinking of how we provide development aid and also how we do peacekeeping and peacebuilding,” Lövin said.

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