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ISIS Executes Children and Women


June seventeenth through July seventeenth is holy month for Muslims. During the holy month Muslims are supposed to fast. If a person refuses to fast or does not fast correctly they are punished by ISIS. ISIS say that they do nothing wrong and insist that they are in compliance with the Koran.

Two of the children that did not fast properly were crucified and put on public display. There were signs above the children which stated their offense. The children’s names and ages have not been released to the public. This is just two of the incidents for not obeying ISIS. There have been many other children killed for other crimes that did not comply with ISIS.

Women that also did not fast properly were beheaded. Many women are killed by ISIS for various reasons such as blasphemy, spying, sorcery, sodomy, and refusing to fast during the festival of Ramadan.

ISIS concentrates their attention on killing kids and women to obtain more publicity. In the United States children are protected by citizens and the military. In most countries along with the United States the enlistment age is eighteen. This is to protect our families and to make sure that the people enlisting in the military want to be there and not have to be there.
our two cents:

The Bible clearly states that women and children are to be protected at all times. In Revelations there is a verse that states that during the last battle men will fight and women and children will look on. I feel as a parent and a woman that children and women are just as important as men. The Bible says that we are all equal in God’s eyes. I believe that no one should have to suffer like that in this life, but as a Christian I find comfort in knowing that we are going to a better place where there is no suffering.

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