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Radical Islamic Organization Declares Jihad on Seventy Groups

According to a conservative activist, a radical Islamic organization is declaring jihad on over 70 organizations, and proclaiming a type of “death sentence” on those groups.

CAIR (Council on Islamic American Relations) has recently published “The U.S. Islamophobia Network”.  Seventy four organizations comprise that network, of which 33 “Inner Core” groups who are focused on disseminating the truth regarding Islam, and 41 “Outer Core” groups that have other agendas outside of the threat of Islam.

Inner Core groups consist of Center for Security Policy, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Jihad Watch, and the Middle East Media Research Institute- among others.

American Family Association- a pro-family organization- is in the Outer Core list, and AFA’s Director of Governmental Affairs Sandy Rios commented that this is “serious business”.

Rios comments that by identifying any group/people on the “Islamophobia” list, it is a declaration of jihad and it carries a death sentence.  She further states that it is very dangerous-especially in today’s age.

CAIR operatives are well-placed in the Obama administration, according to Rios, and beginning with the Justice Department.

In an interview conducted with OneNewsNow.com, Rios adds, “They [also] are on committees in Homeland Security at the top level.  They are advising and have overseen the scrubbing of any mention of Islam or sharia, or any of the practices of Islam that need to be understood by law enforcement – the FBI, Homeland Security, the Pentagon.”

Rios claims that plenty of documentation exists in tying CAIR to the Muslim Brotherhood.  She claims the group’s main objective is to destroy the United States from within.

Also joining the AFA on the “Outer Core” list is the American Center for Law and Justice, Concerned Women for America, Eagle Forum, and Fox News Channel.


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