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Janeen Michael Soulfully Praises God in Her New Album, Press On

Janeen Michael
Press On

Type: Worship/Gospel
Released: April 21, 2014

Reviewed By Michelle C. Danko

Janeen Michael has been described as “authentic”, and that indeed in an accurate descriptive of the way she writes. However, what really comes out in this CD, and comes out clearly is a type of beautiful vulnerability and transparency. Her voice is very rare. It can only be described as pure, and when she sings, she sings directly to the Lord. It is as if it is just her and God, and no one else. It is the way praise and worship should be sung: sweetly, beautifully, and simply.

Do You Know the One– Is a very sweetly sung, melodic song that combines vocals, a piano accompaniment, and various audio clips to form a song about knowing Jesus. It is a very brief song, but a sweet soulful way to begin an album.
Remember– Describes the leading of the Holy Spirit and how He leads in a still, quiet, small voice. The lyrics discuss the benefits of keeping your eyes focused on the Lord, and how His peace will engulf you. The background vocals at the chorus are done gospel-style, and in beautiful harmony. The bold harmony of the background singers contrasted with Janeen’s soft, pure vocals is the perfect compliment, and cause the listener to pay attention to the message. It is not overpowering at all, but rather well used and effective.
Loved Me Through– Discusses how God watches over us and protects us as we sleep. Also states that His goodness is not because of what we do, but is all because of who He is. The base message is one of love, and God’s overwhelming love of His children. It resonates throughout the song not only in the vocal, but the delivery. The listener feels and is engulfed in God’s love. Hearing it is like having a warm hug from God.
I Love Calling You– One of the more up-tempo songs on this track. It is about calling out the name of Jesus when we need Him, and the sheer power of his name. Listeners hear more of the richness and diversity of Janeen’s range in this song. She also goes through riffs in the song effortlessly. The end of the song, Janeen calls out the names of Jesus, and a male voice echoes. It is an interesting twist, yet leads to a very climactic ending.
You are More- Talks about the personality of Jesus, and how He is more. It begins in a regular key, quickly goes up a half key (sharp), and returns to normal. It is unusual because more artists do this in or after the chorus, not at the beginning. It was very ambitious, and it worked. Janeen gives powerhouse performance in this track. She really feels the music, and pushes her range. It begins sweet and slow, and almost “swells” towards the end. Then it returns to a more gentle tone. It is almost as if she were taking you on this beautiful journey wherein you are being slowly lifted up to a peak… and then gently dropped to a close. It is a very different music style that I have ever heard before, and very pleasant to the ear.
Overcomers Joy– Bit of a salsa feel to it combined with gospel notes. The song celebrates the joy of Christ and the freedom that comes with knowing that with Christ you can overcome any adversity. The song is good, until about the middle when the instruments and the complexity of how it was written looses the vocals. It seems like the instruments take over, and we loose Janeen’s voice. Seemed a little confusing. Quickly picks back up again though, and finishes strong.
My Inheritance– Beautiful piano accompaniment with sweet, soft, melodic vocals. Song discusses how Jesus is our provider and our protector. The message is about God’s goodness, and the characteristics of God.
Press On– Added a bit of synth pop at the beginning. Nice beats. Asks the question: Where is God when I feel like He is not there? The answer comes that He is always with us, and to press on through adversity. God is with us when we make bad decisions, and to just repent. He is just to forgive us our iniquities. He is there even through our tears. He never forsakes you. Just stand upon His promises. This is my favorite track on the album. The message is uplifting, inspiring, encouraging, and powerful.
Loving Potter– Describes how the Lord is the potter and we are the clay. Janeen can be heard almost crying out to God to mold His children in His image.
You Reign- Opens with beautiful harmonies. Song is about God reigning over our lives and over all. It is a beautiful song of praise to God. It calls on God’s strength over our lives. Vocalist almost cries out to God from deep in her soul. Very heartfelt. Again, the background vocals enhance this very catchy song. Another favorite. Seems like the perfect song to end set on.
None Like You– Expresses that nothing can compare to the Lord. It discusses the supremacy and magnificence of God.

Janeen Michael’s album Press On is very beautiful, and easy to listen to. It draws the listener so close to God, and Janeen has such an anointed voice that she just takes you there.
Based on the melodies, the uniqueness, and the sheer praise coming from the vocals, I would highly recommend this CD. It is sweet, pure and impactful. You cannot even put a price on vocals that are able to draw you so close to God. It is sheer anointing, and Janeen demonstrates it beautifully.

Many thanks to Gina Adams, from The Adams Group for graciously introducing us to this album. It was indeed a blessing to hear!

Janeen’s full album can be purchased on her website at www.janeenmichael.com for $9.99 USD, or iTunes for the same price.

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