Discover The Power of a Life Connected

Jennifer-Kennedy-Dean-e1456768972233-250x250Jennifer Kennedy Dean shares in her new book, Synced, what living a life connected to the heart of Jesus in the same manner that He lived synced to God looks like.  It explores the secret to Jesus’ life of power, and how we see the power of God emanating from Jesus’ life of prayer.  It also examines Jesus both walking in God’s power, and flowing in the Spirit as He found Himself in the right place at the right time and with the correct resources.

Synced reveals to the reader what life is like when we are connected to Jesus, and read testimonies of those who have experienced life “synced”.

Jennifer Kennedy Dean is the Executive Director of The Praying Life Foundation, an author and a speaker.

Jennifer has published numerous books, studies and articles specific to prayer and spiritual growth.  Her book, Heart’s Cry, was named National Day of Prayer’s recommended resource, and Live a Praying Life has been called a “flagship work on prayer”.


Jennifer has been recognized with the abiity to communicate deep truths of God’s Word, and has spoken globally teaching people to discover the difference between a “prayer life” and a “praying life”.


She is host of The Praying Life Minute and the podcast Praying Life Live

Faith Filled Family was priviledged to conduct an interview with Jennifer Kennedy Dean on her recent book, Synced, and delved into her passion for teaching people how to connect on a deeper level with God.  She reveals to our readers what living a life with the power of Jesus activated in you looks like encouraging readers to press into a deeper relationship with Him so that they, too, can live in victory.

You can learn more about this amazing woman of God, and her new book, Synced, in our May issue coming out today!