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Jewish People Exiting France Due to Increased Terrorist Attacks

Is Terrorism The Reason, or Something Else Causing Jewish People to Emgrate?

Jews have been exiting France in increasing numbers and emigrating to Israel after the increase in terrorist attacks to their communities.  Some cite terrorism as being the catalyst for the emegration while others say it is due to family, religious, and econominc pressures that caused people to leave for Israel.

The History

It has been two years since the attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine offices leaving twelved killed and a Jewish market in Paris.  Additionally, four were murdered by gunman Amedy Coulibaly in the Jewish Hyper Cacher supermarket in eastern Paris on that same day.

Before this, in 2012, an antisemitic attack in a Jewish school in Toulouse had occurred.  The kidnapping and murder of Ilan Halimi in Paris occurred in 2006.

Christianity Today reports that 5,000 Jews have left France to move to Israel.  In 2015, 7,900 left France, and 7,231 left the previous year.

Since 2006, 40,000 Jews have exited the country.

Statistics cite that the Jews in France is said to be the largest in Europe with about 500,000









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