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Jonah: On Stage

Sights & Sounds Theatre Captures The Story of Jonah In Spectacular Detail

Jonah: On Stage brings this epic bible story to a larger than life musical production at the Sight & Sounds Theatre.

Now, on May 2, 2017, viewers can for the first time watch Jonah: On Stage live through a one day special event in theatres nationwide through Fathom Events.


The story of Jonah is retold through this spectacular musical production filmed live at the Sight & Sounds Theatre.

The musical opens with Jonah being celebrated by the king for being a prophet and intertwines the family dynamic of  a playful, yet mischievous sister, and a proud, yet somewhat intrusive mother.

The play moves on to recount Jonah receiving a Word from God that he must go to Nineveh.  At first, Jonah rejoices that God is finally going to deal harshly with such “barbaric” people only to have his joy dashed when God informs him that His intent is to save them and bring them to repentance.

Jonah, being disgusted and wanting no part of the journey, rebels against God and acts in disobedience to His instructions.  He doesn’t get too far, though, as God has a way of putting us back on the path that He has chosen for us.


The most impactful phrase was Jonah’s mother saying to him, “You won’t stop running until you trust Him here (pointing to Jonah’s heart).”  The entire story centres around trusting in God and following His purpose for your life.  It is also a powerful message on what happens when we are stubbornly disobedient.

The production brings together the story of Jonah in a very larger than life theatrical performance.  The costumes are colourful, the musical interludes powerful, and the set done with such incredible skill coupled with technical effects that you are convinced that you are watching the story unfold right before you.

Audiences will appreciate the humour injected into the story line, and all of the character’s personalities being brought to life as Jonah interacts with them.  You hear the backstory into not only Jonah’s disgust with the people of Nineveh, but also his personal reasons for avoiding the place.  In this production, Jonah isn’t portrayed as a stuffy, self-righteous prophet, but more with more human attributes which make him more likeable and relatable.


The production is very over the top theatrical done in a broadway style stage performance.  While it captures every spectacular aspect of the production, adults may find it overly theatrical… but your kids will love it!  So when watching the movie, keep in mind that it was originally done as a stage event.

Overall, children will be enthralled watching Jonah: On Stage.  The effects, sets, and colourful costumes will captivate their attention as they are taken through the story of Jonah as if they are right there witnessing the event.  The production is done with excellence, and is a great event to take your family out to.  I would highly recommend it.

Information including theatre locations can be found on the Jonah: On Stage website.

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