Have you had the feeling your would love to help someone or make a difference in the community where you reside?  K- LOVE Crisis Response Care is offering a two day class Free of charge to certify you in becoming a First Responder.

K-LOVE Crisis Response has instructors that are experts in their line of work. Workbooks will be provided and videos will be shown that will aid participants on what to do in case of an emergency.  A lot of times we do not think of response care training until it happens a member of our family.

K-LOVE has made the training very easy, affordable and location friendly.

Crisis Response Care is made up of many people that want to make a difference in their community such as: first responders, fire, and The American Red Cross.

Crisis Response courses have hope of building a network of caring volunteers and impact communities with training and the resources they need by creating a team of first responders to act in the times of emergency.

K- LOVE needs donations as well. Please visit their website for more information.  Sometimes community involvement comes in many different ways from volunteering to donations. Take time to search your heart and see where you are able to take classes to help your community or give a donation.

The course is FREE and runs for two days only.  Workbooks will be provided.

Some of the training topics will include:

Individual Crisis intervention,

Group Crisis Intervention

Emotional and spiritual care in disasters

Grief considering trauma

Suicide prevention and postvention

Spiritual and psychological care

Individual and group crisis intervention

You can register, check class dates, and see some videos that will touch your heart  at  www.crisisresponse.org