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Disobedience May Hinder Total Victory After Receiving Salvation

And it begins with obedience

Too many Christians believe that once they are saved, that’s it- they don’t have to do much else.  Their salvation is secured, they know where they are going after death, and that’s good enough.  However, what they don’t realize is that salvation is just the beginning of a wonderful, exciting journey, and that by being stuck where they are, they are depriving themselves of a journey that is beyond what they could have ever imagined.

Simple faith by itself is a requirement into Heaven, but we are not just simply required to have faith.  Simple faith for the things that we want or need just keep us a a baser lifestyle, but God has a plan and purpose in mind for His children.  He wants you to do things for the kingdom.  These “things” may be financing the kingdom, preaching the gospel, helping in church, being a Christian business owner, or any number of activities.  God calls us to do His will on earth, and will use us.  He may ask us to comfort a total stranger, give someone money who needs it, answer a prayer, or to tell another person the good news.

While works won’t get us into Heaven, there is a blessing for obedience.  God wants all of His children to obey Him, and He asks each one of His children to do different things.

“There is a Road After Salvation” discusses both the aspect of why good works do not get you into Heaven, and the reward of obedience after salvation.  Many may see it as a contradiction of the “good works will get me into heaven” statement, however there is a difference- and it’s one of the heart.

Read more in our next issue coming out December 28th.

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