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How Well Do You Know God? It May Not Be As Well As You Think!

It has been said that we define God by our relationship with our earthly dad.  The same attributes that our earthly father has we tend to view as the characteristics of God.  There are some errancies to this, however, as we limit ourselves from seeing the true picture of our Creator in its entirety.

For example, some people see God as a loving God who delights in His children.  While this is true, some have difficulty with the concept that God also corrects His children as well.  Not everything is covered or can be covered by love, grace and mercy.  We can come to a point where God (who knows our heart) holds us accountable for unrepentant sin, and then seeks to either correct or punish us.  Therefore, even though God is a loving Father, He does correct His children.

What people miss, in this example, is that God’s correction isn’t done out of anger or malice.  God’s correction is done out of love.  It is done more out of a “wanting what is good” for His children, over a God that is mean, or seeks to “smite” His children.  That isn’t God’s nature at all!

In order to understand God fully, and deepen our relationship with Him, we must first seek to understand who He is- what His nature is.  It is only then when we are able to fully comprehend why God does what He does, and walk in a fullness of knowledge of Him.  Furthermore, He wants us to understand Him completely.  It is when we understand our Heavenly Father completely that we draw closer in relationship to Him.

So, you may think that you know God.  But do you understand Him fully?  In reading our August issue, you may come to the realization that there is more to God than you thought, or perhaps there are some errancies to what you thought were true.  We hope, in this upcoming issue, that you will gain a deeper appreciation of the nature of God, and subsequently draw closer in your relationship with Him.  Subsequently, we want to dispel any myths that surround God so that you can have a truer picture of just who He is.

So how do you think that your perception will measure up?

Our August issue comes out on July 26, 2017!

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