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Was Jesus Poor and Is Poverty or Lack in Any Way Christian

Many have questioned, what was in Jesus’ wallet?

Too many of us accept lack as a part of life.  Worse yet, is when we deceive ourselves into believing that it is “Christian” to be financially poor and destitute.

There is a prevailing thought that Jesus was poor, but where in the Bible does it reference this?  It takes money to run a ministry and travel.  Additionally, it must have taken finances to feed the apostles.  You can say that perhaps God provided through other people who allowed them to stay in their homes and feed them, which would be fair enough.  However, people could have just as equally supported the work of the ministry through finances.  We just don’t fully know to what extent how the ministry was supported.

We do know that when Jesus was born, the wise men gave a gift of frankincense, gold and myrrh- none of which is inexpensive.  We also know that He was called, “Rabbi” which would imply that He relied on the support of donations from others.  We also know that He had a treasury, of which Judas stole from, indicating that He did have financial support.

We also know, as outlined in the scriptures, that God is not a God of lack- in any area.  It is God who provides all of our needs according to His riches.  If we live in lack, how does that glorify God to a secular world that we should be witnessing to?  It doesn’t!  It also goes against scripture.

Also, if we are poor, how are we to bless others, watch over the widows, feed the poor, or do any of the things that God calls us to do?  All of these things require money.  Also, if we don’t have enough for our families, how can we be expected to tithe and support our local church so it can reach the multitude?  We simply can’t.  This argument limits Christians and the impact that we can have on this world for Christ.

The question we should be asking ourselves is, why would God want us to be poor?  To what purpose?

This issue discusses the topic of lack in all areas, and biblically proves that lack is not Christian.  It will also show those who are lacking in an area how to obtain victory and walk in the life that God has designed for you.

Our next issue comes out August 26th, 2016.

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