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Missy Robertson and Kelly Block Create New Ministry for Women

Laminin Gives Women Struggling with Addictions Love and a Second Chance in Life

According to CBN.com, for over a year Missy Robertson and her friend Kelly Block mulled about beginning their own jewelry line inspired by the outdoors.

Missy recollects that the two women wanted to start this business for women that were similar to them- long before Duck Dynasty.  She said that it was a time when she needed to go to work and help her family financially.  She also said that God, however, had different plans for her life.

They were still brainstorming when Kelly went to a Bible study which was a celebrate recovery group led by Miss Kay who is Missy’s mother-in-law.

Kelly commented that all the ladies would come together for Bible sudy and would ask if anyone had any jobs they needed done just so they could make ends meet.  It was at that time that Missy and Kelly realized that God’s plan for their business was to turn it into a ministry to help women needing a second chance.

“We wanted to give women in our community a new purpose,” Missy commented. “And these women come from all walks of life. The ones who just cannot find a job because they’ve been incarcerated. They could be coming out of homelessness. We also have some who were rescued out of the sex trafficking industry right here in our town.”

Missy is quick to confess that the ministry is not going to be easy as the women involved are going to need a great deal of love and attention.  She said that she had to pause and reflect as to whether she was indeed ready for this.  At the end of two days, she concluded that she was indeed ready.

The pair decided to call their ministry and jewlery line, Laminin.  Once a place was found, they would hire women to make the pieces.

“Our first two employees that we hired came from an organization called Project 41. And it’s an organization that rescues women and children from the sex trafficking industry,” Missy recollects.  “Then I called Miss Kay. I said, ‘Do you think you know of some more women who might need a job?’ And she rattled off to me six names, just one-by-one-by-one. And she said, ‘Let me call them.’ The next day she called me she said, ‘All six of them want that job.'”

Missy admits that she wasn’t exposed to such things as these women were growing up.  She doesn’t know what alcoholic parents feel like, or what life is like for the addict.  However she says that when you meet these women, you realize that the common bond is the desire to be loved. (Screengrab)

The women chose the name Laminin because it signifies that God is holding all of them together as it is a protein molecule.  Laminin  is found by the thousands in our bodies, and Missy commented that when it is put under a microscope and magnify it, it is in the shape of a cross.

“To see the progress that they’ve made and them laughing with each other and hugging and crying, and just being, you know, normal girls together. I sometimes just look back in awe that I can’t believe this is happening. Who could have brought all of these different women together? Only God.”

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Michelle has a passion for seeing families live victoriously in Christ, and she doesn't just write about a life with God, but she lives it as well.

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