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LeStrange Discusses Breaking Spiritual Attack and Identifies Causes

Ryan LeStrange and his wife, Joy, lead Impact International Ministries consisting of several local churches and revival ministries.  LeStrange travels the globe preaching, igniting revival, and moving through the Holy Spirit.

Ryan recently wrote the book, “Overcoming Spiritual Attack: Identify and Break Eight Common Symptoms”.  In his book, he helps readers to understand key challenges and gain scriptural insight as to how to overcome them.

LeStrange explores areas invoking spiritual attack such as: lack of spiritual passion, extreme frustration, confusion over God’s plan and purpose, absense of peace, feelings of being sluggish/tired, urges to quit assignment, the draw to go back to previous bondages/habits, and questioning a clear call on one’s life.

In our interview, Ryan discusses the causes for spiritual attack, and gives readers pointers on how to overcome them.  He discusses what being under a spiritual attack looks like, and touches on the importance of visions in a believer’s life.

LeStrange is the founder and apostle of Impact International Apostolic Fellowship.  In addition to Overcoming Spiritual Attack, he has authored several books creating an apostolic foundation, using our authority to overcome Satan/What is our authority, effective prayer, flowing in the prophetic, and many more.

Our interview with Ryan LeStrange will appear in our next edition coming out on December 27, 2016.


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Michelle has a passion for seeing families live victoriously in Christ, and she doesn't just write about a life with God, but she lives it as well.

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